This talented , happy man started off our legacy many moons ago.  Arriving in Scotland from the Amalfi Coast at the tender age of 6 , food was the language everyone understood. Starting off with a humble 'Buster' Van before moving to Dryburgh to open his first Fish & Chip shop . Next was Luigi's Cafe  on Starthmartine Road that was so popular he snapped up the property next door  where he began serving pizzas. This is where we reside and have been for many years,the same family, the same dough recipe +the  same vision. 

Luigi's has always been a family business , we are proud & grateful to still be serving our city 71 years  later.

We are self confessed foodies, we love flavour and knowing what is in our food. We don't need it to be fancy, we want it to be tasty and leave us feeling good. This is what our aim is when we feed you guys, we wouldn't serve you anything we wouldn't love to eat ourselves.

We make our food from scratch, our dough, our toppings, our chips,

 our garnishes , dips and most of our sides. 

Our Gelato and Sorbets are made in Perthshire using natural ingredients by the talented JOELATO.







Our Family has been serving the fine city of Dundee since 1920!!

It's all about that base.

We are super passionate about our dough. We put a lot of time and love into making sure its perfect and consistent. We use the same dough recipe that has been passed down through 3 generations, there are no nasties or additives just flour, salt, yeast and water. Fermentation is key in our process to intensify the flavour and create a lightness so it doesn't leave you feeling too full or heavy .

Taste the difference.

We refuse to compromise on quality with our food. That's why we source the best ingredients for our menu. We shop local where possible , making sure our meat is from the local butchers and try to support other local businesses . All of our speciality ingredients are sourced from Italy.

In the summer months we grow our own organic herbs + tomatoes for our pizzas.